Cool Blue Origins

The Thornhill family have been farmers for generations – and legend has, bootleggers for nearly as long.

Cool Blue Wine is the delicious marriage of both traditions. All of the berries in our wine are grown at Thornhill Farms, a USDA certified farm in Poplarville, Mississippi. The brewing and aging process is fine tuned to highlight the delicate sweetness of organic blueberries for a mouth watering, refreshing drink.
Thornhill Farm Blueberries are USDA certified grown and harvested with no harmful chemicals or fertilizers used. They are picked at peak ripeness to ensure that only the most plump, juicy and flavorful berries are harvested. Blueberries contain powerful antioxidants and have numerous, well documented health benefits.
Cool Blue CocktailCoolBlueWineBottleThornhill Farm Blueberries

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